Information Security Policy

Emre Makina and its affiliates accept corporate information as a highly valuable asset. Information; It is critical to sustain our business activities and needs to be properly protected. To keep information security at the highest level;

  • We will not share any information with third parties regarding the products and / or services we provide to our customers,
  • We will create up-to-date firewalls against the attacks of malicious people who will try to obtain unauthorized access to the information of these persons and / or institutions.
  • We will investigate, evaluate, measure and report the activities that may compromise information security periodically,
  • We will deliver the required information to the organizations we are responsible for in a correct, complete and timely manner,
  • We will strive to ensure that the information we collect from the organizations we are responsible for is unconditionally correct,
  • We will ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information of our company,
  • We will not be the source of viruses and malware and we will take necessary measures to prevent such activities,
  • We will meet the applicable requirements related to information security,
  • We will continuously improve our information security management system,
  • We will comply with all legally rules determined and to be determined regarding information security;