Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

EMRE MAKİNA, which includes expert and experienced engineers in its field, makes design and engineering works on the projects requested by the customer from a simple equipment to complex systems to the finest detail and develops the most appropriate technical and economic solutions to meet customer demands.

Occupational safety & health standards are followed and applied in the design studies. In addition, attention is paid to developing systems that are environmentally sensitive and reduce energy expenditure.

EMRE MAKİNA constantly exchanges information on technical specifications and engineering services in projects requested by the customer. EMRE MAKİNA’s own experience and knowledge are matched with the needs and experiences of the customer and optimal results are obtained.

EMRE MAKİNA conducts weekly and monthly project information meetings with its customers in the projects it receives the orders and the progress of the projects is reported weekly.


Being aware of the fact that education and training are one of the most important factors of development and quality production, EMRE MAKİNA organizes educations and trainings in the topics of design, manufacturing, quality, sales, project management and so on. to its employees  periodically.

EMRE MAKİNA gives on-site practical trainings to customer engineers, operators and maintenance staff at the customer site for the completed projects. Thus, it is ensured that the customer can use and maintain the technological equipment, machine or automation system purchased in the best conditions.

Installation and Management

The assembly works of the “Turnkey” projects in the customer area are managed by our competent and experienced field engineers and teams. Site management mainly includes the following activities;

  • Implementation of occupational health and safety rules
  • Ensuring quality requirements
  • Mobilization and field organization
  • Communication and coordination with the customer
  • Preparation of assembly progress reports and coordination with budget
  • Preparation and follow-up of monthly and final accounts
  • Commissioning supervision

Documentation and After Sales Support

EMRE MAKİNA provides mechanical, electrical and pneumatic & hydraulic spare parts lists to its customers for the completed projects. Electrical plans and pneumatic & hydraulic circuit diagrams are also provided to customers.

EMRE MAKİNA provides operating and maintenance manuals for the completed projects.

EMRE MAKINA provides support for all technical requests coming from its customers after sales. Projects are developed and implemented for the improvements requested by the customer.

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