Social Responsibility and Ethics Policy

Social responsibility

In Emre Makina;

No restriction shall be made in terms of gathering, organizing, declaring opinions and defending their individual rights and freedoms.
Employees are treated on an equal basis with respect to religion, language, race, denomination and gender.
Wage policy is determined by taking into consideration the living standards of the employee and by respecting the rights of fair wages and continuity is ensured.

Employees are provided with wages and rights in accordance with national laws and are encouraged to raise their levels of wages and rights in a way that meets the basic needs of employees and their families.
Child labor and young workers are not allowed to be employed, and it is sought and encouraged to be treated with the same sensitivity in their business partners and stakeholders.

It is expected and encouraged for its business partners and stakeholders to be aware of the fact that its employees are required to meet the basic needs of their wages and social rights.


Business Ethics

In Emre Makina;

All activities are performed consistently in accordance with the principles of honesty and accuracy and the highest standards of business ethics are applied.

In any way, corruption, fraud, nepotism, embezzlement or bribery is not tolerated, the risks that can occur are determined and measures are taken.